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There is no shortage of coding tutorials and courses for beginners on the web, but Google's Grasshopper App is a special take on learning to code in JavaScript!

Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free is an app that offers "byte sized" lessons in coding with Javascript in a gamified format along with coding puzzles built around a realistic code editor.

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JavaScript is the Programming Language of the Web! JavaScript is everywhere, you are experiencing it right now! as you read this article. JS is the most used Language of recent times. It powers everything from Websites to Mobile Apps and Even Servers as NodeJs to sensors and actuators in the IoT realm!
JavaScript is the No. 1 language of 2018 as per GitHub's 2018 Octoverse

JavaScript is the No. 1 Language of 2018 on GitHub's Octoverse
Top languages of 2018 on GitHub's Octoverse

Grasshopper is a a product of Google's workshop for experimental projects, Area 120 which pushes out dozens of experimental products every so often!

A Screenshot of Google's Grasshopper IOS App
A Screenshot of Google's Grasshopper IOS App

LinkedIn’s list of the top job skills for 2019 was filled with abilities like mobile development, cloud computing, and data engineering, and in 2018, PayScale and CNN listed "mobile app developer" as the best job in America and Most people interested in learning to code are hoping to do so in order to further their career

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